Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If The Supremes Say No To Obamneycare, Then Go To Single Payer

So, the US Supreme Court seems likely to reject the individual mandate in Obamneycare, which would bring down the entire Affordable Care Act, even though the individual mandate was cooked up by the Heritage Foundation and was long the favored Republican plan, emphasizing using private insurance companies and individual responsibility not to be freeloaders on the system.

So, if the Supremes say no, just do what Teddy Kennedy proposed: expand Medicare to the entire population. This takes care of it, and we can get rid of Medicaid as well, which is increasingly an insufferable burden on the hard pressed state budgets (reminder that last year it was state and local governments that were laying people off to balance their budgets, the main source of rising unemployment in the US economy). So, go to single payer, which was better all along anyway.


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