Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bill Clinton Says Debt Ceiling Unconstitutional

It was nearly a week ago on Monday evening when Bill Clinton gave an interview to the National Memo, . However, it only got picked up by the New York Times yesterday and still has not really gone national.

So, he says he "would not hesitate" to use the constitutional option, that the 4th section of the 14th amendment overrides the debt ceiling and he "would dare" the courts to stop him, which would take a lot of time. Obama has said his lawyers say this is "not a winning case," but has continued to refuse to unequivocally rule out using this tool. The article notes many consequences, including a possible impeachment by the House, not to be implemented by the Senate. It also notes that not bringing this forward makes it more likely that there will be a deal, which may be a lousy deal. In any case, Clinton's waying in on this is important.


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